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Collection of various open source, GPL or LPGL, or other liberally licensed projects, sometimes with my sample code...



Title Date Link Description
INI 2013-01-23 ini Some exploration of INI file parsing
BZip2 2012-02-20 bzip2 An open source compression, decompression tool
Qt 2011-05-22 Qt A cross-platform application and UI development tool (from Nokia)
glutkbd 2011-03-08 glutkbd Checking the return values from a GLUT keyboard callback.
flite 2010-12-30 : flite A WIN32/MSVC8 build of FLIT (Festival Lite) small, fast synthesis engine - text to speech - C library and its utilities. See
flac 2010-12-30 : flac A WIN32/MSVC8 build of FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Compression) C/C++ library and its utilities. See
shapelib 2010-08-12 : shapelib A WIN32/MSVC8 build of the Shapefile C library and its utilities. See
proj4 2010-08-12 : proj4 A WIN32/MSVC9 build of the Proj.4 C library and its utilities. See
patch 2010-06-04 patch My WIN32 port of the GNU 'patch' console application.
FLTK   fltk Fast Light Tool Kit - A cross platform GUI toolkit
HandBrake   HandBrake Conversion of various video and audio formats to a multiplicity of video and audio formats. As the site announces - Sunday, Nov 23, 2008 - HandBrake 0.9.3: Released! - with a massive number of improvements...
crossfeed 20121017 crossfeed Home Page: crossfeed - development repo.
xmlrpc-c 2012-03-11 xmlrpc-c Home Page: XMLRPC-C - As its site states "A lightweight RPC library based on XML and HTTP".

And more to come...


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