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20120312: XMLRPC-C - As its site states "A lightweight RPC library based on XML and HTTP". I first ran across this project back circa 2007. At the time its 'Remote Procedural Call' technology was being used by a FlightGear voice communication (VOIP) component FGCOM. FGCOM has since ceased using it, but I liked what I saw, and continued, providing fixes and MSVC build files to be able to build it in the native WIN32 environment.

This link, xmlrpc-c-doc1.htm contains some words on the API offered by this set of libraries, but you are urged to consult the official website for more complete information. 



Some downloads: TAKE CARE running EXECUTABLES from the web.
xmlrpc-01-exe.zip: Full set of test and sample WIN32 executables. Both Release and Debug
xmlrpc-01-lib.zip: Full set of WIN32 static libraries. Both Release and Debug
xmlrpc-01-src.zip: Full source used to generate the above, including 2 sets of MSVC build files, MSVC6 dsw/dsp, and MSVC8 sln/vcproj. Either set, when converted by your version of MSVC should produce this set of WIN32 binaries.

Date Link Size MD5
2012/03/12 xmlrpc-01-exe.zip 7,140,957 7861e174b7bc76151848e2b6ac6395c7
2012/03/12 xmlrpc-01-lib.zip 2,528,342 57d263a3580416cb5927077c3d82bb43
2012/03/12 xmlrpc-01-src.zip 956,222 e81cdc3541896e7ab8cb4884b336b8f8

As always it is recommended you download the actual source, either as a 'stable' tarball, or the latest SVN trunk The source here is 'frozen' as of 20100122, even though the binaries were last compile on 20120312! And you are also urged to check the original copyright notice before using this source.


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