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2010/12/29: Free lossless audio codec - FLAC - is similar to how say gzip works, except FLAC is designed specifically for audio streams...



Below are executables, and static libraries, original source, modified source, patch, ...

Take care downloading and running executables from the web!

Date Zip Size MD5
2010/12/29 flac-1.2.1-bin.zip 1,826,659 3ac9e6b056608caca70aeec80662894c
2010/12/29 flac-1.2.1-lib.zip 593,595 e0f05299110667f7338a98e4d90170a6
2010/12/29 flac-1.2.1-msvc.zip 32,346 f28c807a02fa7e490fa8693e9a6385a8
2010/12/29 flac-1.2.1-src.zip 2,774,990 12fc4d378b589e14890498dba42f846c
2010/12/29 flac-1.2.1-org.zip 1,994,076 b21d58e94acca06f96eb9116a6108445
2010/12/29 flac-1.2.1-patch.txt 3,826 To patch the original source.

PS: A late change in the msvc/config.h file, not included in above zips...



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