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Somehow I embraced the philosophy of "complete Unix-compatible software system", so in my initial very small way I want to help the GNU (GNU's not unix) idea... of course it must also be MS Windows, and Apple MAC compatible. That is as fully cross-platform compatible...

The initial set are windows (GNU) ports of well known, and often used functions. I use a perl scripts to help me generate the initial MSVC build files, from a sort of 'configuration' file for each project.


dirent - library

This offers a simple read directory function. In windows, and maybe other systems, it returns the directories '.', and '..', dot and double dot, so you have to remember to skip these...

/* Function prototypes */ 
DIR *opendir(char *); 
struct dirent *readdir(DIR *); 
int closedir(DIR *);


Date Link Size Notes MD5
2011/04/21 3,605 Build files 70a7969589d2778c9687c8fb3fee1d00
2011/04/20 4,233 static /MT-/MTd libraries 4fdfd2e7dda9189ec7e99c8fc4804936
2011/04/20 2,968 Source 36921a416ab52d507b485a9fa67e279e



getopt - library

Sort of a quick way to deal with options, but it requires some setup to use it. The primary functions are -

    extern int getopt (int __argc, char *const *__argv, const char *__shortopts);
    extern int getopt_long (int argc, char ** argv, const char * shortopts,
                                const struct option * longopts, int * longind);
    extern int getopt_long_only (int __argc, char *const *__argv,
                                     const char *__shortopts,
                                     const struct option *__longopts, int *__longind);

This requires the setup string to be composed, and the switch code to handle each option.

Date Link Size Notes MD5
2011/04/21 3,597 MSVC build files f5edc13c23423152610fe34aa6bdfc9a
2011/04/21 13,949 Source 1b208ffd18bb84ede48ecd7ae5f046b9
2011/04/21 12,475 static /MT-/MTd libraries 8547c8c3eb0ed5b37c89e69a6c91e362

Since you still have to setup the switch (x) case 'a': etc, I am always of two minds whether this is very helpful, but on the other hand it is used a lot.

GPC-1.23.1 - Generic Polygon Clipper - library

As the name suggests ...

Date Comment Link Size MD5
2011/04/24 static /MT-/MTd libraries 44,617 1c80d40293c7e2f6bf71b736a19370df
2011/04/24 source and msvc build files 15,771 10c055c1857fc96de2d9ab0fc7704f72
17/12/2004 Original Source 15,606 e8ede167d810f26cf01f760a8824e2c9

  Minor update to protect merge_left() from being passed a NULL pointer...



Take care downloading and running executables from the web!

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