GNU patch for WIN32

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2010-06-04: For some reason the 'patch.exe' I got from the web failed to run correctly in my Visa 32-bit system, so I decide to download the source, and build it myself. Perhaps the most difficult part was getting the had crafted config.h correct. It took a few attempts, but I eventually got there. It has NOT been fully tested as of this date, but worked well for the particular example I was using at the time.

Over time I expect to add some 'personal' enhancements, like at present it is still using 32-bit file handling services. I made no attempt to port it to use the WIN32 available 64-bit versions, since it is very unlikely that I would need to be patching such an enormous source, but this may change ;=)).



Take care downloading and running executables from the web! Downloaded this source from -  - renamed a few directories, and created a projects/msvc folder for my MSVC9 build. Just contains the runtime binary executable, build using /MT runtime library, in Vista 32-bits, using MSVC9 (Visual Studio C/C++ 2008). Full modified source, including the hand crafted config.h, and the MSVC9 solution build files. In fact the number of modification was very minimal, after I got the 'config.h' correct.

Take care downloading and running executables from the web!

Date Zip Size Description MD5
2010-06-03 495,274 Original source 771328507e5e603c73b0368ee2bba212
2010-06-04 98,793 Executable 6d9a120e2e1bff73acedaab22962ad0b
2010-06-04 334,185 Source 2838dcf1b0609b82ee487a8e6c8f3ae5




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