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With the increasing ubiquitous-ness of internet, Virtual Network Computing (VNC) becomes a very viable option for many. You can set up your home computer to accept a VNC connection, and while on vacation, or at a friends house, you can use another computer, connected to internet, herein called the 'client', and log back into your home machine, herein called the 'host', over internet.

This is not for the queasy! ;=)) There is a great deal of painful detail involved in setting up the 'host' absolutely correctly - one wrong parameter and you will have no connection - and in the 'client', in fact in BOTH, there is a confusing plethora of software, from built in OS components, to lots of third party stuff. The 'host' must have software that acts as a VNC Server, and the 'client' must have a VNC Viewer.

2007.06.24 - CrossLoop - Simple Secure Screen Sharing - Having said the above I recently came across some VERY SIMPLE TO USE software that connects any two machines, cooperatively. By that I mean you must have a person sitting at the 'host' who gives you, via telephone, e-mail, skype, ..., a specific 'session number', which you enter in the 'client, and connect, ONLY with their explicit acceptance.

Link Description
Overview of VNC A Page giving a general overview of Virtual Network Computing, including setting up the Router, VNC Server and VNC Viewer.
Win-to-MAC Attempting a Windows XP remote (over internet) connection to a MAC OS X Server
UltraVNC Open source software, that includes a VNC Server and  VNC Viewer MS Windows machines.
MAC OS X Server Setting up a VNC Server on a MAC OS X Server.


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