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Coming ... a site for doggies ... Doggies Slide Show

The first image sets the scene ... this is the FAMOUS, Kings Cross fountain ... corner of Darlinghurst and Macleay streets ... and then some doggies found nearby, out with their owner, the Dog Man ... ;=)) He did not give his name, but the doggies are called - 'Boggi-Woggi', short for 'Humphrey Bogart', the brown male, 'Missy-Pissy' or 'Pissy Missy', ;=)) the female, white, brown head, and these are the father and mother of 'Puppi', the smaller, female, white with black eye patches ... click on image, for larger image ...

dogs 00 dogs 01
dogs 02 dogs 03
dogs 04 dogs 05
dogs 06 dogs 07

The young female pup, 'Puppi', started off quite aggressive ... but has quietened a bit ... she will still growl and bite, if approached by strangers ... all three can begin to 'raise-the-dead' with their barking, if a fire engine wails by ... or on the passing of certain 'strangers' ... the Dog Man suggests they can read what is in the mind of the stranger ... and only bark at 'bad' people ... 

"They know what that person is thinking of doing ... That is why they bark", the Dog Man says! He went on to state, we, humans, could not do this ... I suggested, we do ... it is just they we have ignored it, over-ruled them, these senses we have, so many times, it probably is only a dim memory for some ... ;=)) but they are there, to varying degrees, in us all ...

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