The Great Global Warming Swindle

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Pure fiction for sure. Sometimes it is not the weather that is barmy, it is otherwise intelligent people. I do not think there are many people who do not believe the world is getting (slightly) warmer, at least at the surface. However, satellite data over the last 20 years shows only an almost imperceptible rise. But there seems serious divergence of opinion on WHY, and what we can do about it! There are those beyond reason who take on the mantra - save the planet - an admirable aim. No one disagrees with that. But is it man's output of CO2 (carbon dioxide gas) that is causing this warming? This is in SERIOUS DISPUTE ;=))

At the bottom is a set of links to the original videos, but these have presently been REMOVED from YouTube ;=((

These came from a UK Channel 4 documentary "THE GREAT GLOBAL WARMING SWINDLE", produced by Martin Durkin - hear him respond on radio - Naturally, when you swim against the flow, even with good reason, you attract big flak. If you are comfortable with the lies you have heard, then read no further. This TRUTH is NOT for you ;=))

Some simple graphs cut from the above videos -

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1. Current Global Warming

Yes, now the earth is getting warmer, but a quick review of the last thousand years shows is has been much warmer in the past! During the 'Medieval Warm Period', it was much warmer than it is now, for several hundred years. Then we had what they call the 'Little Ice Age' ...

Graph of temperature over 1000 years

And if you stretch the graph backward for 10,000 years, there were even warmer periods ... which lasted for a few thousand years ... and the Polar bears survived ;=))

.Graph of temperature of 10,000 years

But back to the present, many seem to want to blame our obvious 'industrial growth' as the reason for the present warming, but this is just not born out by the facts. Most of the present temperature rise occurred before 1940, when the was little industrialization -

Graph of temperature over last 100 years

Note that after the war, when industry began to pick up again, the temperature FELL ... for 4 decades ...

Close up showing declining temperature

Simply, why suppose the change in temperature is driven by CO2 in the atmosphere. This does not make sense. During the post war economic boom, when carbon emissions shot up, the temperature was falling. CO2 represents just 0.054% of our atmosphere. Although CO2 is one of the so called green house gases, it is a relative minor component. Water vapor represents 95% of the green house gases. In any case, it seems clear from several data sets that the temperature warming is NOT due to green house gases (3/8).

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2. Ice Core Surveys

What is pointed out, is that over thousands of years there is a clear correlation between temperature and CO2 levels in the atmosphere ... this is born out by several ice core surveys ... and produces the follow, undisputed graph ...

Graph of temperature and CO2 over 600,000 years

This is Al Gore giving his presentation using this graph -

Full Al Gore graph

He says - when there is more carbon dioxide (bottom blue line) the temperature rises (top red line) - that is CO2 leads to temperature rise. But the embarrassing fact is that he is stating it the wrong way around ;=(( TEMPERATURE IS LEADING CO2, by up to 800 years ...

Graph of temperature and several 100 year lag of CO2

Why is he miss-stating this fact? Because it is a POLITICAL debate, not a SCIENTIFIC one. The following is a MUCH TOUTED, errant, so called 'hockey stick' graph, used to push the global warning protocols -

Errant Hockey Stick graph

So carbon dioxide is not the CAUSE of the warming, but more than that the warming increases the amount of free CO2 in the atmosphere. WARMING LEADS CO2, not the other way around.

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3. Sources of Carbon Dioxide

But why do HIGHER temperatures lead to MORE CO2? Humans are by far NOT the main source of CO2! What are the sources of CO2? Volcanoes produce more CO2 each year than all the factories, cars, planes, and other manmade sources can ever produce -

Depicting CO2 from a volcano

More still comes from animals and bacteria ... it is estimated that this source produces some 150 giga tonnes of CO2 each year, compared to a mere 6.5 giga tonnes from humans.

Depicting animals and bacteria

An even larger source is from dying, decaying vegetation - those lovely, colorful autumn leaves, for example!

Depicting fallen leaves source of CO2

But the BIGGEST source of CO2 is the OCEAN itself - warming the ocean surface will tend to release carbon dioxide.

depicting Ocean CO2 release

And cooling the ocean, will cause it to absorb CO2. The oceans size, expanse, depth is the reason there is a lag of several hundred years between the planet warming, and increased CO2, or conversely, as the oceans cools, then many years later there will be a general drop in the CO2 in the atmosphere ...

But clearly stated, emissions by mankind represent a minor percentage, in the single digits, an insignificant part of this process.

So it is TEMPERATURE, not carbon dioxide, that causes climate change. One graph worth repeating. Most of the present temperature rise occurred BEFORE 1940, after which is FELL for FOUR(4) decades until about 1975, prompting fears about another ice age approaching  ... Seen in this light, and comparing to earlier period when the temperature was even higher for extended periods, simply means it is not the activities of mankind that are driving temperature change ...

World temperature 120 years

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4. What is driving weather?

This is not yet fully understood, but one of the most important drivers is the SUN. Studies of the sun, particularly sun spots, shows a very close correlation to the temperature of the earth.

solar activity 100 years

Even extending this graph backwards for 400 years, show a close linkage to the temperature of the earth ...

solar activity 400 years

But how does the sun influence weather. Of course there is the direct influence, but a bigger influence is in the formation of clouds. Clouds have a cooling effect, blocking out direct sunlight. Clouds are formed by cosmic rays, possibly emanating for earlier super nova in the universe, striking water molecule (water vapor) rising up from the earth. When the sun is 'quiet', more of these ray reach the earth, thus more clouds are formed, thus cooling the earth ...

depicting cosmic ray forming clouds

But in periods of high sun activity, some of these rays are swept away from the earth by the solar winds, thus less clouds are formed, thus the earth temperature falls -

depicting solar winds deviating the cosmic rays

So we have this close correlation between the amount of cosmic rays reaching the earth, which are influenced by sun activity, and the temperature, again over millions of years ...

graph temperature and cosmic rays 500 million years

Climate is controlled by cloud. Clouds are controlled by cosmic rays. And cosmic rays are indirectly controlled by the sun. It all comes down to the SUN, something over which we have no influence.

What more proof do you need to understand that it is the sun, and not the puny activities of man that influence the weather? Absolutely nothing to do with whether I switch off a light, use more efficient bulb, drive my car less, slower, take trains not planes, etc, etc, etc ... There are perhaps perfectly good reasons to do some of this 'efficiency' drive, but it has naught to do with a warming planet!

But to take this further. Just bringing it down to the 20th Century, Here is a graph showing temperature and CO2 - showing NO CORRELATION between temperature and CO2 ...

20th Centrury - temperature and CO2

But take the same temperature graph, and plot solar activity over about the last 100 year ... now we see GOOD CORRELATION ;=))

20th Centrury - temperature and solar activity

Lets put the two graphs side by side ... CO2 and temperature shows no correlation, while sun activity matches perfectly ... but it seems to some in the media, there is no news in simple true facts ;=((

two graphs side by side

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5. A Political Problem

But WHY is the opposite sold? Why repeated sell 'global warming is caused mainly by mans activities?

It seems the new media, and many other are SOLD on this idea. In today's world it is politically incorrect to say mankind is not the cause of global warming. We are bombarded on a daily basis with lies.

Last night I listened to how some group is pressuring the EU to trying to get the German government to put speed limits on all its autobahns all in the aim to reduce CO2 emissions. This is absurd in the light of the above, aside from the fact that modern cars do not emit more CO2 at higher speeds. 

Back in the early 70's, when it was thought the world might be headed for another ice age, the suggestion that CO2 emissions would warm the world was thought to be rubbish, pure fantasy and bunkum ... but then, governments, faced with an energy crises - the coal minor strike brought down the then English government - went to the science community saying - there is money on the table if you prove this thing ... and of course, they go away and prove it.

Its simple message appeals to anybody and everybody who think industrial development has gone too far ... a return to an earlier, simpler world ... get rid of all these cars, computers, and machines ... anti growth, anti cars, anti development, even anti USA, etc ... CO2 became an emblem of industrialization ... the swirling myths became fact in the eyes of many ... the emergence of environmental extremism ... using green language to cloak other agendas ... anti capitalism, anti globalism ...

By the 1990's man made global warming was no longer a slightly eccentric theory about climate, but a full blown political campaign ... it was attracting media attention, as a result there was more government funding  ... more momentum behind a loony idea ... in US alone funding for research jumped from about 170 million a year under Bush senior, to 2 billion - a more than 10 fold increase ...

Since presently all climate models put CO2 as the main driver of climate, rather than the sun, or the clouds, one lovely analogy from the above videos -

"The analogy I use is that my car is not running very well, so I am going the ignore the engine, which is the sun and I am going to ignore the transmission which is the water vapor, and I am going to look at one nut on the rear wheel which is the human bit of CO2 ... the science is that bad"

This would be FUNNY if it was not SO SAD ;=()

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6. What is getting published?

One of the contributors 'complained' that sections had been cut from the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report :-

clip of complaint

Look at some paragraphs removed -

1 paragraph removed


2 paragraph removed

The complaining professor concluded :-

final comment of professor

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7. Precautionary Principal

But even after you point out all these FACTS to many, they still hold on the 'precautionary principal'. They would say something like "Even if we are not right, it does no harm to save!". But it does do HARM! The western developed nations are now using 'manmade global warming' as a CLUB to beat poorer nations out of using say coal; building and using more cars, etc, etc ... inhibiting their development.

It is hard to imagine life without electricity, yet there a million without it. Africa, for example has coal and oil, but there are environmental groups campaigning to stop its use, thus further depriving an already impoverish group of people ... they using the new terminology - sustainable development. They push solar and wind power ... solar power is notoriously unreliable, and at least three(3) times the cost of other forms of electricity generation ... but signs, that drag at the heart are still produced -

solar energy sign

They are asking the worlds poorest people to use the worlds most expensive form of energy generation. How does that make sense? A morally repugnant aspect of the global warming campaign ... the strongest forces there is to prevent development in the developing countries ...

To end with a quote from near the end of the above 8 videos -

"The theory of manmade global warming is now so firmly entrenched, the voices of opposition so effectively silenced that it seems invincible. Untroubled by any contrary evidence, no matter how strong. The global warming alarm is now beyond reason."

My sincere thanks to all those who put this together, and I hope its message is so important, that they will overlook my obvious plagiarism of its contents.

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8. A Personal Note

Just some FOR and AGAINST items, in no particular order ...

Simply, Carbon Dioxide (CO2), manmade or otherwise does not drive climate change.

Geoff R. McLane
Updated: June, 19, 2007
Original: March 17, 2007.

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2007.06.18: LINKS NO LONGER APPEAR VALID!, but you can try my local links...

Recently, March 9, 2007, there appeared a series of 8 videos posted by 'fgsfdsfgsfda' on logo of youtube Many thanks Martin Durkin, the producer, and for hosting these. EVERYONE, but everyone should see, listen to these ... The URI links, while they exist, are as follows -

Episode YouTube local
Swindle : 1/8 clim-01.htm
Swindle : 2/8 clim-02.htm
Swindle : 3/8 clim-03.htm
Swindle : 4/8 clim-04.htm
Swindle : 5/8 clim-05.htm
Swindle : 6/8 clim-06.htm
Swindle : 7/8 clim-07.htm
Swindle : 8/8 clim-08.htm

A zip of the local FLV files can be downloaded from here.

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